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Get over 150 Free Lightroom Templates - News Pro 348x180You will find over 150 Free Lightroom Templates on this blog!  They are for making Collages...for your blog, for social media, and even Facebook Timeline LIGHTROOM!  No more PHOTOSHOP!  I am all about helping you streamline your workflow and make business easier!

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Photography Tips | Balancing your Photography Business and Family

Photography Business & Life | You Need Balance!

Crickets. That’s what I should hear based off of how eerily quiet it is. I quickly get up from my computer desk, which mind you has already been moved into the dining room to be able to watch the kids while I work. Hesitantly following the trail of toilet paper only to find my son feeding […]

Why I was shooting lens manual focus and why wrong - Makinze Muinzer - PF

Why I was shooting with my lens in manual focus and why I was WRONG!

When I first started doing photography, I had no idea what I was doing. It’s the truth. I quickly tried to gather as much information from as many photographers as I could, but I would later find out you have to be careful about who you talk to. Not only do some photographers only see […]

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G+ Crash Course for Photographers - Posting Tips and Etiquette

G+ Crash Course for Photographers | Posting Tips and Etiquette

This post is 3rd post in this G+ Crash-Course for Photographers Series.  Find the other posts here! This is my third article in this series.  Since everyone who comes to G+ was first on Facebook, sometimes G+ can be extra confusing because Facebook has us programmed to do it their way!  Posting is just one of those […]

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Automate your Workflow using Photoshop

Automating Your Workflow in Photoshop | Making Corrections

I think it is safe to say that we are all on the same page when it comes to automating our workflow in Photoshop, making corrections is hard work, it’s very time consuming and as a photographer time is money. Automation is a must especially when it comes to making corrections to our images because […]

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Organization & Balance

Backup your Computer - News Pro 740x400

Your New Year’s Resolution: Backup Your Computer

Really? Are you really reading this and you aren’t backing up your computer? Or worse…are you working as a paid photographer and not backing up your computer? You are not alone. A couple weeks ago I was having a regular day. Went to a friend’s house for a kiddos playdate (and Christmas candy making!). So […]

5 tips to streamline your team sports photography organization - PF

5 Tips to Streamline Your Team Sports Photography and make it more Profitable!

 I asked my friend Caroline Seavey of Heartfelt Photography to write a guest post today!  She has experience with this!  And don’t miss the bottom of the page where I have to show you a picture of her adorable doggies Mosby and Fenny!  -Jill I was very hesitant at first to do sports photography, maybe […]

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Add Value to your Precious Time with a Late Policy - News Pro 348x180

Add Value to your Precious Time with a Late Policy

You know the ones…you probably have one in your own family.  Yeah.  Someone who actually PLANS to be LATE.  Like that is it is “fashionable”.  And well, it is not in the least bit cool when your clients show up late. But you know what happens.  You are sitting in your car or at your […]

Cancellation Clause Contract Photography Client - Photography Cancellation Policy

Excuses, Excuses! Proactive Contract Clause to Avoid Client Cancellations

We’ve all heard the excuses.  Here are some great ones from my Photog friends:  It looks like it’s going to rain. I didn’t have time to get my hair cut.  I didn’t have time to get outfits together. (last minute)….Kids are still sleeping. (a week prior)…His face is swollen we will have to cancel.  I […]

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Volunteering for a Photography Organization - GIve the gift of Photography

5 Great Photography Organizations to be Passionate About

I think most of us started out taking photos because we enjoyed it. We loved the interactions between people and the raw emotion that we could capture that could be relived through our work. As we delve deeper into the business aspects of photography, we get busy with pricing and marketing. Too concerned with our […]

amatuer to pro story - mike-washington-wedding-photography-740x400

Zero to Hero | My Amateur to Pro Story

I love stories of how people  pursue their passion of photography and the resulting beauty that they create!  My friend Mike Washington’s story is inspiring…enjoy!  -Jill I have always taken snapshots for a long as I can remember. I had no formal training at all, and I would just point the camera in the direction […]

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