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Get over 150 Free Lightroom Templates - News Pro 348x180You will find over 150 Free Lightroom Templates on this blog!  They are for making Collages...for your blog, for social media, and even Facebook Timeline LIGHTROOM!  No more PHOTOSHOP!  I am all about helping you streamline your workflow and make business easier!

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5 tips to streamline your team sports photography organization - PF

5 Tips to Streamline Your Team Sports Photography and make it more Profitable!

 I asked my friend Caroline Seavey of Heartfelt Photography to write a guest post today!  She has experience with this!  And don’t miss the bottom of the page where I have to show you a picture of her adorable doggies Mosby and Fenny!  -Jill I was very hesitant at first to do sports photography, maybe […]

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SEO for Photography Websites - SEO tips for Photographers -News Pro 740x400

SEO for Photography E-book | Start Ranking in Google!

I haven’t been blogging long, but the reason you are reading this post right now is because of the work I have done in SEO.  Before I optimized my blog I was in www-outerspace!  Now, over half of my traffic comes from people searching the web and finding me.  It really does work!  It is […]

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Dear Adobe Santa - Creative Cloud - 740x400

Dear Adobe Santa

Dear Adobe Santa, I know it is early to get my list in, but we need to have a heart to heart.  Yeah, thanks for my big gift of Photoshop CS6 last Christmas.  You outdid yourself…Mama like!  I was an Elements girl and ready for the next level and CS6 BLEW MY MIND!  You rock […]

Lightroom Help Group on Facebook - News Pro 740x400

Join the Lightroom Help Group on Facebook

I am part of a few photography groups on Facebook, and Lightroom questions come up all the time.  I decided it might be nice to have a group just for Lightroom Help.  I know there are forums everywhere online where you can get help, but Facebook is a place that people spend a lot of […]

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Organization & Balance

2014 Photography Business Planner Life+Work - 740x400

5 Ways to Organize your Photography Business and your LIFE!

Sometimes it seems like being organized is a full time job.  By the time you sort all your clients and your files and your folders and your sessions, who has time to take any pictures?  I am no expert, but I do consider myself a lover of organization and a constant learner when it comes […]

8 Wedding Photographer Planning Tips to ROCK the Day -Pinterest - Raindancer Studios - 740x400

8 Wedding Photographer Planning Tips to ROCK the Day!

 Thank you to my friend Jill Reid of Raindancer Studios for giving her advice for this article! Photographers, are you overwhelmed by the thought of photographing a wedding? Don’t be! All you need is a gallon of organization, a quart of flexibility, a cup of confidence and a teaspoon of joy. I’m here to help equip […]

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Finances, Taxes & Contracts

Add Value to your Precious Time with a Late Policy - News Pro 348x180

Add Value to your Precious Time with a Late Policy

You know the ones…you probably have one in your own family.  Yeah.  Someone who actually PLANS to be LATE.  Like that is it is “fashionable”.  And well, it is not in the least bit cool when your clients show up late. But you know what happens.  You are sitting in your car or at your […]

Cancellation Clause Contract Photography Client - Photography Cancellation Policy

Excuses, Excuses! Proactive Contract Clause to Avoid Client Cancellations

We’ve all heard the excuses.  Here are some great ones from my Photog friends:  It looks like it’s going to rain. I didn’t have time to get my hair cut.  I didn’t have time to get outfits together. (last minute)….Kids are still sleeping. (a week prior)…His face is swollen we will have to cancel.  I […]

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Be Inspired!

amatuer to pro story - mike-washington-wedding-photography-740x400

Zero to Hero | My Amateur to Pro Story

I love stories of how people  pursue their passion of photography and the resulting beauty that they create!  My friend Mike Washington’s story is inspiring…enjoy!  -Jill I have always taken snapshots for a long as I can remember. I had no formal training at all, and I would just point the camera in the direction […]

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